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Why are the borders there? By this I mean, why do these people have borders in the first place? A border always implies that conditions, people, philosophies, governments, or something else is different on each side.

In the world of Mahr, this area which resides North of The Wastelands, which are a vast desolate expanse which is unknown to those above. There are three main races living in this land, Humans, Elves, and Orcs. There are two Human Nations, which are devided by mountain ranges, and different cultures. The first is Aersted. Aersted is the larger of the two human nations and rules the coast. The other nation is the Shigot Empire, a place that rules in a much more Arid land, and is surrounded on one side by the Crescent Mountains, and the other by a vast desert. The Elves rule in the Eastern part of the land. They call this place Aelvlind, which is mostly covered by The Endless Wood. The orcs rule the largest piece of land, including the North, and a strip down the middle, including the dessert, which eventually goes to one of the only two ways into the Wastelands. The other being a pass in The Coastguard Mountains, which surround Aersted. The orcs call their land Angstaed. They exist in individual tribes, only loosely held together by the king of the strongest tribe.

What goes up and down the rivers? (People, contraband, products?) How does it get there? Who takes it?

The rivers in this world are used for very few things. This will be done per nation. The Aersted use the rivers to send inland produce out to the ports, where they are traded, and returned by land. The Shigot Empire’s rivers mostly serve only as luxury, the water being considered pointless except for washing, and supplying the crops. The Imperial family sometimes go on their boats down Scout River. The elves use the Ohm River as a means of travel and transport. The Orcs do not use the rivers as anything but a source of water, and food.

How are the people on one side of the border different from the people on the other side? (Religion, government, race, species … go into detail. Really take some time working out what these differences are, and put some effort into figuring out why they were important enough to necessitate the creation of that border.)

The majority of the borders are between the races. The humans are too industrializing, which offends the elves sensibilities, and respect for nature. The orcs are too aggressive, and attack things too easily, etc. The border between the Human nations is a division of cultures, which have often been at war, and have a lasting resentment for each other.

What lives in the mountains? (Animals, people, big scary things, all of the above?)

The different mountains are inhabited different ways. The Cresscent mountains are mostly uninhabited, due to their being easy passes, and them protecting the most of the area from the Wastelands. Animals live in all mountains. The Coastguard mountains have similar reasons. The Dragon Mountains are inhabited by Dragons. The Shield Mountains also have virtually nothing but animals in them either. The most heavily inhabited mountains are the Gateway Mountains, lying the Angstaed. They are a religious epicenter for the orcs, and it is rumoured there is a Gate to the Underworld in the mountains.

How does the weather endanger the lives of the people who live in your world? (Along with weather—-stuff like tornadoes, droughts, hurricanes, snowstorms, avalanches, and so on, you should include things like areas where you’ll have earthquakes and volcanoes. Don’t be afraid to be generous in heaping out troubles. You’ll find plenty of use for them.)

The land is relatively safe from weather. The only problems are extremely cold winters in Angstaed, with at least one blizzard a year. There are also many sandstorms in the Shaedok Desert, which are mostly dunes.

*What else endangers the people on your continent? (Plagues, barbarians, people from the other side of the world, monsters from the oceans or beneath the earth … Again, take some time on this. And be generous.) *

Illness in plague form is rare in this land. The main threats are the warring nations, and species. Another threat is the Dragons of Dragon Mountains, and the Demons of the Wastelands, which occasionally find their way past the mountains which protect the North from the Southern Wastes.

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